Light Beer vs Belly

I don’t know if it’s my rising age, my slowing metabolism or if all the stuff I ate in my youth is catching up to me, but I am gaining weight like there’s no tomorrow.

After being underweight and struggling to gain weight ALL my life, recent events have me stunned. Now I’m starting to feel guilty when I drink beer, so I have opted  for drinking light beer, instead.

Which begs the question: which is worse, drinking light beer or having a belly?


Colombia’s Own Paraíso Island

OwnLast year while swimming in the warm beaches of Olón, in Ecuador, I had an epiphany: I would learn how to scuba dive professionally and eventually become a diving instructor, traveling the world’s coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks and shark waters. Maybe one day I could become proficient in underwater photography, or even underwater drawing! (Why not?)…

Well, ever since that morning I have thought of nothing else I’d like to do more. So taking advantage of cheap airfare, low-volume work weeks and my itchy feet screaming for a trip, I landed in Colombia’s own tropical island paradise. It’s a really small seahorse-shaped island near Nicaragua, very famous among Colombian families and honeymooners. It looked like an affordable and apt place to start my diving career.


San Andres Divers, my choice for the Discover Diving course



I guess it’s raining up there.


Diving Queen

Next stop: Open Water Certification in Mexico!

San Andres itself is definitely worth visiting. The ocean is absolutely stunning; during my stay the winds were low so the waters were really calm and peaceful. I always felt very safe walking or biking anywhere. I would have to say that some things are a bit pricey, and if you’re a woman walking around alone, the men will hound. Be advised.


My life is filled with beautiful sunsets.

Arriving at the hostel I met two American women traveling together from Bogota. In what seems to be quite a bold move, we biked around the entire island. There is a really decent road that circles around it, and we rented some bikes and went for a 5-hour ride. We stopped a few times to take in the sights, hydrate, have lunch and swim. We saw parts of the island that regular tourists wouldn’t normally see, and we slept very well that night!

That evening sitting in the soft white sand, drinking white wine spritzers, looking up at the stars and catching a glimpse of a couple seemingly making sweet, public love in the sea was a highlight of my trip.