Golden Lights

Bueno y pues resulta que “Golden Lights” no es una canción original de The Smiths, sino un cover de una canción de Twinkle, de 1964.

Me enteré de eso después de hacer la ilustración….y ajá……. bueno no importa, igual me encanta jajaj

Mozzer you belong to the lights, mate!!


I am a multipotentialite

I thought I had a true calling (working in TV and film production) unti I went to school to work in TV and film production. Then I discovered I was good at many things: drawing, languages, sales, teaching, writing, editing, photography, waiting tables, fashion styling, organizing, traveling, singing…

I never wanted to find “that one thing” I was meant to do, I always knew I had way too many interests, hobbies and passions to just choose one and settle with it for the rest of my life.

Watch this if you feel like me, you won’t regret it.